Recruitment of talented employees is an essential part of any SME's ability to maintain success and ensure the achievement of business.

Goals within an organization, recruiting sales personnel is no different. However in a SME your people are your business, so recruiting the right talent is imperative. This however is not an easy process with often limited material and financial resources as well as a lack of experience in sales and what makes a great a Salesguy.

Candidate Assessment

Candidate Assessments provide our clients with key additional information about candidates to allow an impartial, informed hiring decision to be made.

Hiring the right candidate into the business is important with experience, skills and personality being pivotal.

Before or during a recruitment campaign, clients are able to receive a detailed report on a relevant candidate(s) which will include notes and guidance on the candidate(s) ability, personality and values.

The report is produced via online assessments, which the candidate has completed, and a formal interview /telephone interview by an experienced Sales leader.

This allow clients to gain a deeper understanding of candidate(s) within a recruitment process, to ask relevant questions at interview or to have peace of mind on their final selection.

Sales Competencies

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. If you want your sales team to have the skills and behaviours they need to generate more sales, you have to know where their competencies lie and what you can do to improve them.

A solid sales competency framework helps you do just that. By focusing and reviewing each salesperson’s capability and potential, you can:

  •  Build a profile of the ideal salesperson.
  • Benchmark the sales team against this model.
  • Identify  training needs for each sales person based on their gaps.
  • Measure progress on each salesperson’s development.

Most importantly of all, a sales competency framework lets you deliver a development programme with the potential to change behaviour in your organisation for the better, resulting in improved performance and a measurable return on investment.

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