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Sales Dashboard

Having as close to real-time sales forecasting data is imperative to having a clear line of site to reaching your business goals.

Sales Dashboards can be created manually or through automation with such technologies such as CRM

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website review
Website Review

So you’ve already commissioned a website or maybe you’ve even created it in-house, Did you know that it could be doing more for you?

No website is perfect and no user experience is seamless. There is always room for improvement.
We will review all the key aspects that help to make a website successful: design, layout, content, structure, usability, Keywords and other SEO assets.

Social Media Review, Strategy & Plan

A social media strategy defines how your organisation will use social media to achieve its communications aims and the supporting platform and tools it will use to achieve this.

At a basic level it’s a simple statement of intent, outlining the goals and measurable objectives for using social media, and the target outcomes you want to achieve. It does this in the context of the overall business and communications plan, so that social media isn’t in a silo but working in parallel with other channels. The Plan includes customer profiles, success metrics, Engaging content, Tools, Evaluation and reporting.

List & Data Management

Growing your business needs a steady stream of new clients. Getting those new clients begins with sourcing data on new prospects.

But sourcing data on your own is a slow and expensive process. Without a start point, your sales and marketing team are working in the dark.

Salesguys data sourcing service is an efficient, cost-effective solution. We source data lists that match the requirements of your business.

Just tell us about your business and the clients you’re trying to reach. For example, you might want to filter lists by geographical region, business turnover and of course industry sector. Our experts will be happy to advise.

We then access our extensive B2B databases, using them to supply you with up-to-date targeted lists. With our expertise in sourcing data for a wide range of industries – specialising in the technology sector – we’re confident that we can focus your marketing initiatives.

Campaign Management

Want to kick off a new strategy or marketing programme, then why not use the Salesguys campaign Management programme.

Where we manage the complete process including Audience identification, list acquisition, content development, distribution strategy, email automation, Personalisation and result analysis and report preparation.


Market research describes the gathering and analysis of market data, such as customer preferences, trends in market prices and the presence of competing products.

A market survey can describe any study that gathers information directly from consumers by asking them questions about their requirements, plans, preferences and experiences. The purpose of a market survey is to provide business managers with insight about their target customers, such as how much money they spend on certain types of products, whether they use competing products and the interest level for new products.


A partner portal is a Web-based application that allows a manufacturer's established partner (usually a distributor, reseller, installer, service provider.

Other strategic partner) to obtain direct access to marketing resources, pricing and sales information, as well as technical details/support that are unavailable to other end users. For example, the partner portal may list new promotions or discounts for the partner, allow the partner to examine service memoranda, or connect the partner with an assigned sales support representative for configuration assistance. The partner portal is typically accessed through the manufacturer's Web site, and requires the use of secure logon credentials assigned to the partner.

ROI Calculators

ROI (return on investment) calculators are becoming especially powerful tools for marketers today.

This type of interactive content helps your customer project their ROI should they buy your product or service. With this personalized information in hand, they can make an educated decision about whether or not to buy, and the good news is that the ROI calculator is a customer experience enhancer that is 100% user-driven.


Some presentations are better than others. Some have stunning designs and animations.

Some have insanely actionable takeaways. Some just give down-to-earth advice. But the best slide presentations represent all three.  If you're looking to get started making your own PowerPoint or SlideShare presentation, why not let us help you get it right.


One of the most engaging forms of advertising is video.

At Saleguys we can help with all forms of Video such as brand introduction, product feature walk throughs or demonstrators.

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