15 Highly Effective Sales Email Subject Lines

Highly Effective Sales Email Subject Lines

If you are in sales in today’s digital world, you probably send out your fair share of sales emails to current clients, prospective clients or to a bulk email list audience. How effective are your sales emails? What percentage of emails sent convert into a sale? For that matter, how do you think are opened by the recipient?

Sales emails are one of the most effective cold selling tools, yet they are looked down upon by customers every day. They can spot a sales email when they scan their emails and often delete them without every opening them. So how do you get your sales emails opened so that your pitch can be read and your products have a better chance of selling?

You need more than good content, you need a good subject line. One that will entice the recipient to open the email out of pure curiosity. To help you create effective sales emails, we have listed 15 of the most effective sales email subject lines that are sure to get your email opened.

15 Effective Sales Email Subject Lines

1) “Questions about ______”

Put something specific to your business and they will open the email to learn more.

2) “______Recommended I get in touch”

Using referrals in business is a very effective way to get your foot in the door.

3) “Our next steps”

Very useful way of following up once the connection is made.

4) “Hi ____, (question)?”

Most people open question emails so ask one pertaining to your products or services.

5) “Know this about (topic)”

Offering helpful tips about a certain topic that your prospect is interested in is a good way to get your email opened.

6) “Did you get what you were looking for”?

This is a good way to follow up on inbound leads.

7) “Hoping to help”

By offering your assistance, the recipient will be more prone to open the email since it doesn’t sound pushy.

8) “A (benefit) for (prospects company)”

Tell them what you have to offer their company.

9) “X tips for (paint point)”

Lists are highly popular as recipients can read them quickly and get the information they need.

10) “Idea for (topic prospect cares about)”

Free ideas lead to open emails.

11) “I found you through (referral name)”

Another way to use a referral to your advantage. (According to Lead Genius, this subject line stands with an awesome 86.6% open rate.)

12) “10 mins – (date)”

Short, simple and to the point. Busy people like this.

13) “So nice to meet you (prospects name)”

This welcome sounding subject line can be used as an auto response for your lead generation campaign.

14) “We have (insert fact) in common”

You can insert a fact or a person in the subject line and the recipient will be more likely to open your email as they are looking for someone with like ideas or similarities they can relate to.

15) “x weekend ideas for you”

This is a good way to engage or re-engage with a prospect. Make it even more interesting by personalising it to their city.

Use these email subject lines in your next sales email and see if you get a better response. For more sales and marketing tips, contact The Sales Guys and let one of our experts assist you today!


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