5 Tips for Getting Out of a Sales Slump

5 Tips for Getting Out of a Sales Slump

Are you in a sales slump? Has it been a while since you made a decent sale and your bank account is growing smaller while your anxiety skyrockets? This has happened to just about every salesperson, in every industry around the world. Whether you sell real estate, packaging products or pencils, you will eventually find yourself in a sales slump and knowing how to get out of it will be very important.

The Sales Guys helps sales professionals throughout the UK grow their careers and increase their sales abilities. We will share some tips and techniques that we use to break the sales slump and start selling again.

  1. Review your account list

By reviewing your sales account list, you just may find a client that you haven’t contacted in a while that may have been interested, but never called back. This is something that should be done quarterly or anytime sales are slow to help boost your numbers and connect with forgotten clients.

  1. Time blocking

Time blocking is where you choose a time slot, usually 30 minutes, and make a bunch of cold calls. No one likes to make cold calls, but they can provide some much-needed sales practice and could lead to conversions.

  1. Connect with one of your favourite clients

Connecting with one of your favourite clients, even just to say hi and see if they need more product, can help take your mind off of your slump and get you back in the game. This mood changing tactic has led to some unexpected sales.

  1. Listen to a sales podcast

There are thousands of inspirational podcasts available for sales professionals that can teach them new techniques, refresh old ones or give them the motivation they need to push through a sales slump and start selling again.

  1. Networking

Networking can be a very effective tool for sales professionals. They can meet others, share sales techniques and make important business connections that could lead to a more positive direction which can help them out of their slump.

The next time you’re in a sales slump, try some of these tactics and see which ones work best for you.

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