Salesguys launching new service to help small businesses grow!

Salesguys is not your normal consulting company, we jump in and paddle with you!

SME owners are an incredible breed of people, building value and wealth more than most.  With the UK having 5.4 Million registered businesses, only 7,500 of those companies are not SME’s, in fact 99.3% of all UK companies are an SME.

The biggest issue for any SME is time.  Time to learn all the critical aspects of running a company be it Sales/Marketing, Finance, Legal, HR etc.  Saleguys is here to help SME’s clearly understand their value proposition, identify target markets, generate a growth plan and then drive execution.

We will ensure your sales team are the the game changers you need them to be. Nobody understand salespeople like Salesguys, nor do they understand sometimes how expensive it is to hire poor salespeople, and there are a lot of them. In fact it is estimated that 50% of all salespeople should not be in sales at all.

At Salesguys, we are here to help small businesses grow their business, with strategy and a no nonsence approach to strategy execution.


We are here to help you, why not call us to discuss how


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